Reiki Healing: What, Why and How for Good Health

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can supplement your colon therapy sessions. Eastern philosophies have provided our Western lives with so many benefits especially where mental and physical health is concerned. The concept of chi, which is life's energy force inherent in every human being, is one of these philosophies being applied towards better health and life style.

Healing Therapy

One of the applications of the chi principle is reiki, which is made up of two Japanese words “rei”; meaning higher power and “ki”; meaning life force energy. As such, reiki simply means spiritually-guided life force energy.

In practical terms, reiki healing is the practice of promoting good physical, mental and spiritual health by encouraging relaxation, meditation and positive energy transfer. The main tools are the healing hands of the practitioner used to restore balance to the recipient's life force energy flowing through the body. Some practitioners also use crystals and angel cards, but it is the energy in the hands of the practitioner that bring on healing in reiki.

Also, reiki is a holistic approach to healing because its end result focuses not just on physical symptoms, but on mental and spiritual issues as well. The individual is expected to describe his symptoms so that the practitioner will be able to apply the right techniques.

Hand Positions

The practitioner lays her hands in different positions on the recipient's body for 3-5 minutes at a time. Each position corresponds to the location of the seven chakras and the meridian energy lines. These hand positions are made both on the front and back of the body depending on the issues being treated.

Localized treatment is also available for issues such as migraine headache and colon problems. For example, when the hands are laid over the abdomen of the recipient, the practitioner's hands release positive energy into the area. This positive energy then breaks up the negative energy attached to the illness, thus, leading to healing. Or to put it another way, reiki heals the body's energy pathways so that the life force can flow in a healthy way.

If the client prefers, the practitioner doesn’t have to touch the body at all and can instead manipulate the reiki energy from a close distance.

Length of session

Depending on the area being treated or the severity of the illness, reiki sessions vary anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

And speaking of benefits, reiki provides many benefits on different levels. Most clients report feelings of extreme relaxation similar to deep meditative states, greater clarity of perspective and a welcome sense of total well-being.

To be more specific, reiki patients enjoy the benefits of reduction of anxiety, pain, depression and stress; improved sleeping patterns; better digestion and bowel movements; enhanced ability to recover from the physical signs and symptoms of illnesses like sciatica as well as from injury and surgery. Reiki develops a sense of being at peace with one's self and with the world. If you’d like to experience the benefits of reiki give us a call and book an appt!

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