If during a colonic almost no waste is coming out, does this mean that the colon is clean?

by Mireia Roig
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

I took three colonic sessions within 5 days and on the last one almost no waste came out. I was told my colon was clean but I feel worse than before. I am constantly bloated and gassy and I have many problems with my digestions despite the fact that I eat a vegan diet at the moment.
After the three colonic I did a first liver flush. I removed a good handful of gallstones. I know after the first flushes your condition can get worse than before but I think that I shouldn´t have that many digestive problems after having had three colonics.
Do you think maybe the old waste was not removed and I still need more sessions? Is it possible to be bloated all day if your colon is clean?
Many thanks

Hi Mireia,

Are you taking probiotics on a daily basis? You should definitely be taking them during your colonic sessions although we advocate for them as a daily part of your health regimen. It's difficult to tell if the colon is completely empty without an x-ray or colonoscopy. It's very hard to know what's happening with you without a full health history about your past eating habits, constipation issues, etc. Also, when people are vegans they tend to eat a lot of beans and legumes which are gaseous foods. You could have trapped air in your colon.

My suggestion would be to take probiotics if you aren't already, maybe try some aloe vera juice, and avoid gaseous foods. Lay off the colonics for a few weeks to see if your situation improves.

Best regards,


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