The Fibromyalgia Connection

According to various dictionaries, Fibromyalgia is described as "A syndrome characterized by chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints, fatigue, and tenderness at specific sites in the body. Also called fibromyositis, fibrositis."

Other symptoms include sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue and joint stiffness. Some patients may also find that they have difficulty with swallowing,bowel and bladder issues, numbness and tingling,and cognitive dysfunction. People with this disorder often present with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety and stress-related disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is important to note that not all people with this medical disorder experience all symptoms. It is reported that it affects 2–4% of the population, with a much higher percentage of female to male sufferers.

Fibromyalgia has historically been considered a neuropsychiatric or musculoskeletal disease. Recent research within the last 30 years indicates that it may be related to a dysfunctional central nervous system, due to childhood or prolonged periods of stress. Often times your doctor can't figure out what's wrong with you even after conducting numerous tests. All you know is that you hurt all over and feel chronically exhausted.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary, depending on the weather, stress, physical activity or even the time of day".

The pain connected with this disorder has been described as a constant dull ache originating from the muscles. Sufferers also describe having 'tender points' all over their body, felt when firm pressure is applied.

Tender locations can include: back of head, between the shoulders, top of shoulders, front sides of neck, upper chest, outer elbows, upper hips, sides of hips, and inner knees.

Associated disorders:

People that suffer from fibromyalgia may also have:

-chronic fatigue syndrome

- Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis

- Endometriosis

- Depression

- Headaches and migraines

- Lupus

- Irritable bowel syndrome

- Restless leg syndrome

- Post traumatic stress disorder

How can colonics help Fibromyalgia sufferers?

As I've mentioned several times on this site, we believe along with many other health practitioners that 'All Disease Starts In the Colon'!

Well, not surprisingly a lot of people with this disorder (and other autoimmune disorders) also have a sluggish colon or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This contributes to a toxic overload in the body as you are not getting rid of your waste quickly enough. The stagnant fecal matter is sitting there for prolonged periods of time and the body starts to absorb the toxins. A sick colon can also create a leaky gut which can create a host of other health issues and diseases. Your symptoms and toxic overload are made worse due to the pain killers and other medications you are taking to alleviate your symptoms. Possibly your diet is not adequate enough, full of preservatives and other additives and you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. If you have a clogged colon you will not be able to absorb the nutrients in your food properly leaving you tired and lacking in vitality.

There is a widespread belief by many medical practitioners, especially those of us practicing holistic health and alternative medicine, that one of the main causes of Fibromyalgia is excessive levels of toxins and allergens in the body. Therefore, it would make sense that cleansing all your body systems and having colonics would alleviate some of the presenting symptoms. Many Fibromyalgia sufferers have felt much better after sticking to a colon cleansing diet, doing an overall body detox and undergoing colonics to flush out the stagnant waste and toxins in their bodies. Cleansing also helps to reduce stress on the central nervous system therefore creating more balance in the body, something that Fibromyalgia sufferers desperately need.

A big question though is "why do some people have so many toxins in their body?" Typically it can be due to lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of exercise, regular alcohol and caffeine consumption, and an inadequate diet lacking in fiber and nutrients. The modern day diet is full of fatty fast food, poor quality of meats which are full of antibiotics and hormones, preservatives and chemical additives in prepackaged foods, and pesticides on our fruits, vegetables and grains. It's no wonder that many of us are full of toxins!

Suggestions for Fibromyalgia sufferers to get maximum relief from their symptoms:

- Improve your diet. Stick to a colon cleansing diet full of organic fruits and veggies, Essential Fatty Acids, and fiber. Start juicing or taking whole food juice supplements to get the nutrients directly to your cells and increase your energy and vitality. If you eat meat try and buy organic free range meats to reduce the toxic load on your system.

- Take digestive enzymes such as AIM PrepZymes to help your absorption of vitamins and minerals in the food you eat.

- Take a Probiotic supplement such as AIM FloraFood to help balance the good and bad bacteria in your body.

- Eliminate toxins. Do full body cleansing. Start with an herbal colon cleanse and then move on to other body systems such as a Liver cleanse, Candida cleanse, Heavy metal cleanse, etc.

- Start having colonics on a regular basis to assist in flushing the toxins out of your body and to improve bowel tone and function.

Once your body is rid of toxins, your immune system will function better and will be able to handle the other stressors and contributing factors leading to your Fibromyalgia symptoms.

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Other fibromyalgia treatments and therapies

It has been found that raising the core temperature of the body by 'Hyperthermic therapies', or using saunas, helps to release toxins, relax muscles, and ease pain. It also helps to produce growth hormones which assists in burning fat and maintaining lean muscle mass.

According to Brenda Watson in her book "Renew Your Life", using saunas also helps to restore 'autonomic nervous system' function. This system is in charge of blood pressure, digestion, balance and muscle tension. It's been said that people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have a malfunctioning autonomic nervous system and thus respond well to various types of sauna therapies.

It is also wise to eliminate night shade vegetables from your diet as they contribute to inflammation in the body. These vegetables include:


- All peppers

- Potatoes

- Pimentos

- Eggplant

- Tobacco

Other helpful therapies include: meditation to reduce stress and help you to feel more in control of your life, and massage therapy to ease muscular pain and induce relaxation.

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