Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ

Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ

We hope that our colon hydrotherapy FAQ will answer many of your questions. So many misconceptions, myths and made-up stories circulate about colon therapy so much so that many individuals are discouraged into looking at the many health benefits of the procedure. Hopefully this section should answer some of the frequently asked questions about colon therapy that you may have been wondering about.

Is it safe?

Colon therapy is very safe especially when performed by a certified colon therapist. The instruments used in a colonic irrigation are sterilized before each use so there is very little risk of contracting a bacterial or viral infection. The proctoscope is only entered into the first three inches of the rectum so there is no risk of perforating the bowel like during a colonoscopy. We use ionized purified water only.

Is it painful?

No, colonic irrigation is not painful but depending on the state of your colon you may experience a little discomfort. This will get better with each session and as your colon health improves. In fact, many people report that it actually encourages feelings of relaxation. If you find that you feel fatigued or nauseous afterwards, you can drink some warm herbal tea and apply a hot water bottle to your stomach.

Are there any preparations that must be performed before a colon cleanse?

If you are a relatively healthy individual you only need to refrain from eating a few hours before the colonic. Try to eat earlier in the day and just have a light meal of soup or salad. Avoidance of coffee and carbonated beverages is also wise before a colonic as they can create excess gas and cramping during the procedure.

If you have been diagnosed with colon health issues like diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, severe hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease as well as rectal or intestinal tumors, you should consult with your physician first. Although colon hydrotherapy prevents these diseases from developing in the body, it can exacerbate existing chronic conditions. We recommend altering your diet and taking nutritional supplements such as probiotics and aloe vera gel to sooth the intestinal tract. Once the healing process has started and your colon is in better health you should be able to begin colon therapy treatments.

If you’ve had recent surgery please talk to your colon therapist about it before booking an appointment.

How long does a colonic irrigation take?

Depending on the person it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Why go for colonic cleansing instead of enemas?

While an enema only cleanses the lower part of the colon, a colonic irrigation covers the entire length of the colon (large intestine) and is a much more thorough form of cleansing.

Is having a colonic embarassing?

Absolutely not! We understand that this is an intimate procedure and we respect your privacy and take your comfort level seriously. You are completely covered from the waist down and since all waste material is flowing out of you through tubing directly into the septic system, there is no mess or odour at all.

Is it okay to do a colonic during my menstrual period?

Yes, your period will not interfere with a colonic irrigation. You would need to wear a tampon though as opposed to a sanitary napkin as your underwear comes off during the procedure and you’re covered with a towel from the waist down.

How many colonics do I need?

Well, that really depends on your health and diet. For example, if you are a vegetarian who eats mostly organic foods and has regular bowel movements, then you probably only need the occasional colonic or seasonal cleaning.

If you’re chronically constipated and have a diet low in fiber and high in starchy carbohydrates and sugar, you’ll most likely want to come in regularly. We suggest a series of colonics for this type of person as it takes some time to chip away at the encrusted fecal matter and hard stools that are causing your constipation.

As most people carry between 5-20 lbs of old fecal matter in their colons, it takes some work to remove the rubbery mucoid plaque lining the colon walls. Twice a week for 3 weeks or once per week for 6 weeks is suggested. Proponents of colon irrigation advise doing seasonal colon cleansing i.e. having a series of colonics every 4 months in order to keep our colon functioning at an optimum level.

Will one colonic completely empty the colon?

Almost never. As I mentioned before, many of us have a considerable amount of impacted fecal matter in the colon and it takes time and work to remove it. One colonic will remove some of it, but subsequent colonics will remove even more and help to exercise and tonify the colon.

Some people say that colonics wash out intestinal flora and valuable nutrients. Is this true?

The reality is that cleansing the large intestine of putrefied fecal matter and toxins increases the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment which has been washed free of putrefaction and its accompanying harmful bacteria. Nutrient absorption is also considerably better in a clean environment than in a putrefied one. Just in case, we do recommend supplementing with probiotics while doing colonics to ensure the proper balance of good bacteria. We include them as part of our daily health regimen!

We hope that you have learned something from the information provided to you in this colon hydrotherapy FAQ, and that you can share our appreciation of the benefits of colon cleansing. Take advantage of our services today and look forward to better health!

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